Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Greetings and thanks for readying! A lot has happened since my last entry but I'm going to focus on the past weekends goings ons at the Cannabis Grow Expo. What a great event! My father, Gene, had just gotten into town and we had just got our hands on product. Austin's super tasty, Ginger & Molasses Water Kefir and Thunderhawk brews THC infused Pale Ale. So for the first time we went to a Cannabis event with product in hand.

We met a couple interesting people. Lets start Zac and Ryan from C4 laboratories as they taught us about ,,,,

1) The missing terpines and what creates head in beer - The first person we met was Ryan from c4 laboratories. Ryan is working with Dr. Zac Hildenbrand at the University of Texas to unlock the secrets of the Cannabis plant. Using rare Gas Chromotography equipment they have been able to discover terpenes previously undiscovered thanks to low concentrations and hypothesized that these along with little known Cannabinoids such as CBL or CBDV may have a larger role then people realize in the wonderous properties of the plant. Zac is also an award winning home brewer and was highly interested in our THC beer. We talked about the challenges of keeping the "head" to the beer when Zac pointed out that it's a matter of minerals. The extract sucks the minerals and minerals support the head. Interesting idea that we are going to be exploring in full. Thanks Zac!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Below is an article Austin sent to me written by Anthony Wile of the Daily Bell about "Why Cannabis "white market" industry should be legal and some macro thought towards the topic.
Great article! It's great to see more and more people taking a wider lense, macro view of a plant that has huge potential to effect our lives positively - en mass. We just need a more "natural way" of letting it fulfill it's potential by getting out of the way. The grows of central/south America will be ENORMOUS and change the financial dynamics of the Cannabis Industry. Super high quality flower will be grown and sold for a fraction of what it is sold for now. Half isn't extreme enough. A quarter? an 8th? On a side note I sat with Barry from Original Nectars, a 58yo jew who went from WEedMaps celebrity, to beloved dispensary owner, to CO2 oil extract producer yesterday. He was talking to a dispensary owner who liked to give 4grams (typically 3.5g) 1/8th's. Barry,  responds isn't that a 1/7th? Blew the dispensary owners mind lol! "1/7th's??? There are no 1/7th's in pot?!?!?!?!?!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Greetings! My name is Dan Grim and I am your host, so to speak, and there by I welcome you to the amazing journey that follows the creation of this entity to be known as "The Good Stuff Tonics."

Yesterday was a win! I met producers of beverages who not only offer interesting products but are willing to co-pack it for me. For this one-man show (plus pops in Florida and Billy handling my video/social media) that's huge! The first was a juice producer in Oxnard. He's got raw fruit and veggie juices from a local farm. All organics with local produce. Just like I envisioned. Then I met the founder of the San Diego Fermentation Club. I reached out to him through the internet regarding a "business opportunity" and he liked the idea of infusing "Cannabis with pro-biotic beverages" for patients of the local dispensaries. We meet at a local brewery called the Blind Lady Ale House. He's about my age in is early 40's, a little taller then me but thinner with that 7 day scruff. He biked here and he brought a bottle of Grapefruit "Buch (very tasty I might add). He wants a commercial kitchen to explore his fermentation love professionally and to be a part of something greater then the Project Management job he had at Software company Intuit. I think I can help! And away we go ,,,,,,