Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Greetings and thanks for readying! A lot has happened since my last entry but I'm going to focus on the past weekends goings ons at the Cannabis Grow Expo. What a great event! My father, Gene, had just gotten into town and we had just got our hands on product. Austin's super tasty, Ginger & Molasses Water Kefir and Thunderhawk brews THC infused Pale Ale. So for the first time we went to a Cannabis event with product in hand.

We met a couple interesting people. Lets start Zac and Ryan from C4 laboratories as they taught us about ,,,,

1) The missing terpines and what creates head in beer - The first person we met was Ryan from c4 laboratories. Ryan is working with Dr. Zac Hildenbrand at the University of Texas to unlock the secrets of the Cannabis plant. Using rare Gas Chromotography equipment they have been able to discover terpenes previously undiscovered thanks to low concentrations and hypothesized that these along with little known Cannabinoids such as CBL or CBDV may have a larger role then people realize in the wonderous properties of the plant. Zac is also an award winning home brewer and was highly interested in our THC beer. We talked about the challenges of keeping the "head" to the beer when Zac pointed out that it's a matter of minerals. The extract sucks the minerals and minerals support the head. Interesting idea that we are going to be exploring in full. Thanks Zac!

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