Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Below is an article Austin sent to me written by Anthony Wile of the Daily Bell about "Why Cannabis "white market" industry should be legal and some macro thought towards the topic.
Great article! It's great to see more and more people taking a wider lense, macro view of a plant that has huge potential to effect our lives positively - en mass. We just need a more "natural way" of letting it fulfill it's potential by getting out of the way. The grows of central/south America will be ENORMOUS and change the financial dynamics of the Cannabis Industry. Super high quality flower will be grown and sold for a fraction of what it is sold for now. Half isn't extreme enough. A quarter? an 8th? On a side note I sat with Barry from Original Nectars, a 58yo jew who went from WEedMaps celebrity, to beloved dispensary owner, to CO2 oil extract producer yesterday. He was talking to a dispensary owner who liked to give 4grams (typically 3.5g) 1/8th's. Barry,  responds isn't that a 1/7th? Blew the dispensary owners mind lol! "1/7th's??? There are no 1/7th's in pot?!?!?!?!?!