Saturday, February 27, 2016

Greetings! My name is Dan Grim and I am your host, so to speak, and there by I welcome you to the amazing journey that follows the creation of this entity to be known as "The Good Stuff Tonics."

Yesterday was a win! I met producers of beverages who not only offer interesting products but are willing to co-pack it for me. For this one-man show (plus pops in Florida and Billy handling my video/social media) that's huge! The first was a juice producer in Oxnard. He's got raw fruit and veggie juices from a local farm. All organics with local produce. Just like I envisioned. Then I met the founder of the San Diego Fermentation Club. I reached out to him through the internet regarding a "business opportunity" and he liked the idea of infusing "Cannabis with pro-biotic beverages" for patients of the local dispensaries. We meet at a local brewery called the Blind Lady Ale House. He's about my age in is early 40's, a little taller then me but thinner with that 7 day scruff. He biked here and he brought a bottle of Grapefruit "Buch (very tasty I might add). He wants a commercial kitchen to explore his fermentation love professionally and to be a part of something greater then the Project Management job he had at Software company Intuit. I think I can help! And away we go ,,,,,,